Lease Agreement Intimidating?

Lease Agreement Intimidating,Legal Contract,Legal Terms Conditions,Tenant Landlord Law In Ontario

Over the years, lease agreements, those legal contracts binding the renter and Landlord for the term of the agreement, have become increasingly sophisticated. Today a typical lease agreement can be more than ten pages long and employ a host of legal terms and conditions difficult for the renter to understand. Renters can feel intimidated by the lease agreement. A renter may end up signing an agreement that includes terms or conditions that limit or infringe their legal rights as a tenant in Ontario.

Many tenants simply do not have enough time to properly read and understand a lease agreement while under the competitive stresses of finding a rental home. Can the Renter enter into an agreement with a landlord that they know is adequate and balanced between them? Can the Renter accept and sign a Lease Agreement with confidence?

Find and Get Condo Rental provides the Renter with a Licensed Real Estate Agent who reviews the Renter’s lease agreement for being current and in compliance with industry standards. The Agent remains available to the Renter while the renter reads and reviews their rental agreement to provide clarity about contract terms and conditions as the Renter might require. The Renter gains the confidence knowing they’ve signed a Lease Agreement with the professional oversight of a licensed Real Estate Agent.

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