Not Sure What Happens Once You Get Your Rental Lease?

Not Sure What Happens Once You Get Your Rental Lease,Find and Get Condo Rental,etobicoke,lake shore

Congratulations. You’ve managed to find and get your sought after condo rental. You did what it took and had what it takes to get a condo landlord to accept your offer application. You found what you wanted, where you wanted it, and at a price you can afford. You can feel like you’ve accomplished something significant and you’ll be moving into your new home in a matter of time.

But there are a host of details yet to manage to successfully follow through on your win. Those details can creep up on you and overwhelm you quickly.  What about the first and last month deposit? What about renters insurance? What about your hydro account? Where is your parking space? How do I get to use the elevator on my weekend move-in day? Who has my keys? How do I get my rent cheques delivered? Who do I talk to? Who can help?

Find and Get Condo Rental knows the thrill and responsibility of moving into your new home and how important it is that move-in day be smooth and thorough. Find and Get Condo Rental will guide you with timely help and how-to reminders so that you can stay organized and on top of these move in day details.

Since 2009 Find and Get Condo Rental, the Renter’s advantage, has been helping renters from start to finish find their condo rental in the Etobicoke Lakeshore rental market.

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